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Gerald Howarth MP: A Profile

The GPS PO Box resides in Aldershot, a run-down town on the Surrey/Hampshire border in the South-East of England best known for being the home of the British Army. Our local Member of Parliament is a Tory called Gerald Howarth. We don't like him very much. In fact we think he's a fascist, racist, homophobic wanker. Here are some of Mr Howarth's recent activities:

In Mr Howarth's Hansard records he frequently claims to be stating the views of his constituents. Here's one constituent, at least, who is vehemently opposed to the political views of Mr Howarth and his ilk. Mr Howarth's re-election isn't too far away, 2001 maybe? I think we might have some fun. In the meantime, we'll be watching your every move.

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