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America quite rightly aspires to the moral high ground, and does so loudly. It is quite rightly proud of its Constitution, which to my mind is more fundamentally valuable than anybody's standard of living (although there's a lot to be said for basing a social philosophy on 24-hour nude breakfast bars). It is constantly asserting its right to moral leadership, which it certainly has the ability to display, and it should be as loudly disappointed as the rest of us when our high hopes and expectations are betrayed.

America carries considerable weight, and should for its own good be trying to move itself and the planet forward. When things go pear-shaped (or crumple from a great height), America should not be reacting by increasing the unilateralism which prompts so much resentment in the first place, and our own defective demagogues should not be reacting to Dubya's unilateralism by indulging in his War On Terrorism, which is so defined as to prevent us ever knowing who/what/how/when and therefore why we're attacking. All we will know is that we'll be surrendering more civil liberties for the cause. Aren't they what we're supposed to be defending? Obviously not. The so-called War On Terrorism is so defined as to make the American executive unanswerable to the American judiciary and the American legislature and the American electorate, let alone anybody else. The American executive has shown by its contempt of international protocols and its actions at home that it is happy to represent the interests of its corporate backers above all others. So that's what we're supposed to be defending. The War On Terrorism is merely a call to the civilised world to join Bush's programme of unanswerable government, for the ultimate benefit of Exxon, Monsanto, Lockheed, etc.

The full Eldritch interview is available in the print version of GPS 05.