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"Modern stupidity means not ignorance but the non-thought of received ideas." - Milan Kundera

On-message spin from The Reptile House apologists

 The Sisters of Mercy The World according to Eldritch, Pearson and Varjak. Sporadic bursts of inspiration interspersed with the entertainingly inane. Advanced readers will want to spot the hidden agenda and check the source for comments.
 The Reptile House E-commerce for the fashion conscious and deep of pocket.
 Merciful Release Rumoured to be a record label that releases records. All evidence suggests otherwise. What did happen to the second La Costa Rasa album?

 1959 and All That GPS’s Oliver Duke-Williams in ambitious stab at unravelling the meaning of Sisters lyrics. Incomplete and unique.
 Ian Grimstead archive Formerly the pre-eminent Sisters site on the web. Unmaintained since 1998, or rather since Ian got a day job.
 Sisters Tours Maintained by Andrius Sytas. Mammoth archive of live reviews and tour details. Quality of reviews is inevitably uneven.

Side Projects, spin-offs and other rent-paying activities
 JackieOnAssid Mike Varjak used to play guitar with this lot. Their management keep e-mailing us asking us to "lose this link". God knows why. Anyway, they still sound like Adam Ant, they're still rubbish and their career still isn't going anywhere.
 Tin Star Tim Bricheno hits US paydirt.
 Gary Marx  A welcome return from the Sisters' founder member.
 The Starlings Chris Sheehan’s new band.
 Sigue Sigue Sputnik Jesus wept.
 Tube Planet Edge support act. Top bloke.
 Rodney Orpheus Another former Leeds resident now in Hamburg. Occasional Sisters roadie. Completely hatstand.
 The Sisters of Murphy a.k.a The Smurphs. Sisters tribute band. Haven't seen them myself, but supposedly a top night out when the Real Thing aren't in town.
Low Maintenance  Three chord punk from Surrey, UK. GPS's Chris Sampson on guitar.

75 Klicks Above the Do Lung Bridge


Gonzo Politics, News and Insurgency
 Duke2000 “Whatever It Takes”. Presidential fabulousness from the Doonesbury stable. Our virtual Hunter S Thompson takes on Bush, McCain, Gore et al. Check out the policy details and FBI file. Best site on the web, bar none. (Nowhere nearly as crazy as reality turned out to be, though)
 Nixon and Elvis US National Security Archive records of 1970 meeting between Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley in re: Presley’s application to become “Federal Agent at Large” with special responsibility for narcotics. Unbelievable. Check out Haldeman’s hand-written annotations.



Life Affirming Conversations between Clever People


 Will Self / Martin Amis “The Wordsworth phrase, 'emotion recollected in tranquillity.' I think more and more of as, 'emotion invented in tranquillity.' You're always on duty. It's like being a terrific snob. You're always looking for the writerly angle. When you're in the high-intensity phase of writing, you go home and you're not there at all. You're not there for your wife, or for your children. You are an impostor in your own life while you're living elsewhere. One definition of a writer is: 'He who is most alive when he is alone.' I don't know how that sounds to you, but it has a lot of pathos in it.”
 Leonard Cohen / Suzanne Vega “We have all the time in the world ... but, there is something that is whispering to you and something whispering to the listener all through the record. You don't have to hear it this way, you could just tap your foot to the record. It's a great record. But, for those of us that like to torture ourselves in other realms... It's a strong theme in the record, and that's why I'm just poking around trying to find out what this is. Not what the secret is but what your devotion to the secret is and how it became in a certain sense the aesthetic irritation around which the pearl of the song formed.”

 Juliette Binoche

[The link is to a mediocre interview for a mediocre film, The English Patient, that glowed whenever Binoche was on screen. Adjani and Beart might more beautiful, Irene Jacob's films with Kieslowski might suggest an earthly perfection that was as uplifting as it was implausible, but only Binoche has strung together a set of consistently dazzling performances. Best actress of her, and our, generation. We love her. - CS]

The scene where Hana's lover, Kip, the Sikh bomb detonator, takes her into a darkened church, puts her in a harness and pulley and lifts her into the air, with a flare so she can see the painting on the wall [Fresco, you moron!] --that's one of the most beautiful bits of film I've ever seen.
"Well, I had a very strong relationship with the painter, Piero della Francesca since I was 16. I discovered him in the [French] National Gallery, and when I read the book and then the script, it was like, "Oh my God, how could they know I love his work so much?" "
That sounds too strong to be coincidence.
[Laughs.]" I don't believe in coincidence. "

Dr C assesses the Counter Culture

Class War
The Sisters' heady mix of Hegelian and material dialectic deserves a proper rooting in the history of the class struggle, a struggle which continues to preoccupy the GPS Editor. The history of Marxism and its social context can be found at http://www.marxism.org/, which has an extensive section on Marx' and Engels' lives as well as its own links. trotskyism.org could be a great site, but hasn't been updated since 1874, when the last two Trots who actually agreed on anything parted company amidst vitriolic recriminations. Meanwhile http://www.maoism.org/ is a strong site, albeit couched in turgid revolutionary rhetoric. Some links to the Shining Path Peruvian guerrilla movement provide a source of incendiary .jpg's and the promised resource for 'net revolutionaries including digital counter-surveillance measures will be useful if it ever materialises.
Adrenochrome Monosemicarbazone Manufacturers And Suppliers
Sex Pistols
Spunk Library
 If you start to feel that pondering the plight of the proletariat is a quintessentially petit-bourgeois preoccupation and you might be better taking a more direct role in precipitating conflict against your oppressors, then a quick visit to http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/9482/index.html will get you in touch with like-minded individuals. Is this all a bit psychotic? A trip to http://www.sourcerer.co.uk/chempages/0016500P.HTM will help you empathise and at http://www.sex-pistols.co.uk/ you can find the soundtrack. http://www.spunk.org/ isn't what you think, and has useful essays, resources and links for the anarcho-syndicalist. [Incidentally, the anarcho-syndicalist spirit of the Spanish Civil War is still active at the Confederacion National de Trabajo (CNT) web site, Spanish only unfortunately. - Ed]
 NClarion  Next time you're dangling from two ice-axes, 700 feet above the ground during the Scottish winter, remember that you're only there because access was fought for by generations of Socialists under the aegis of the Clarion Ramblers and Cyclists. Pleasure and propaganda combine at http://members.xoon.com/NClarion when it's working.
 CTheory  I broadly agree with Andy's comments on the Sisters site about postmodernism, this next site lapses there occasionally. Still, intellectualising technology and counter-culture has also yielded some marvellous essays by Baudrillard and his cohorts. Check out http://www.ctheory.com/

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