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How To Buy GPS

GPS may be bought in two ways: by mail order or at Sisters gigs. The latter needs no further explanation other than to say that the magazine isn't on sale at every gig. Also new issues are typically available by mail order before they appear on the swag stand. The pricing information given below is for mail order service only. Prices at concerts are largely determined by the level of concessions that have to be paid to the venue. In some countries, notably the US, these can rise to 33%, so don't be too surprised if the price at gigs is more expensive than the mail order price.

Our address is:

PO Box 129
GU12 4FZ




GPS may be obtained by sending cheques or postal orders, payable to "Chris Sampson" (UK only), or on-line via pay-pal.

Currently five issues are available: these may be purchased individually, or as a cut-price option for multiple issues.

GPS 01, 02 and 04 are now sold out.

Pricing. Pricing is arranged as a fixed price for the first issue to be ordered and then a pro-rata increase for each subsequent issue. For example, in the UK the first issue costs £2.50, and £1.00 for each subsequent issue. So a three-issue UK order will cost £4.50 (£2.50 + 2 * £1.00).

Prices, including postage and packing, are:

 Country  1 Issue  Extra issues
(per issue)
 UK (mail order) £2.50  £1.00 Cheque/Postal Order
 UK (pay-pal) $4  $1.50 Pay-pal
 US/Europe $5  $2 Pay-pal
 Rest of World $6  $3 Pay-pal

How to use PayPal

1. Go to the pay-pal web site, http://www.paypal.com, and sign-up for an account
2. Mail Chris Sampson at Chris AT samizdat.org.uk indicating which issues and number of copies you wish to buy, and your paypal user name (e-mail address).
3. We will send you an invoice (request for money)
4. Once the invoice is paid the magazines will be posted.

Enquiries about purchase or distribution should go to Chris Sampson at Chris AT samizdat.org.uk.

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