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Our Thanks To…

The Glass Factory Collective:

Magister Ludi: Dr C

Writers: Oliver Duke-Williams, Sarah Froggatt, Karst de Jong, Chris Sampson, Dave Whelan, George Carless.

Photography: Wim Vandeputte, Sven Togni, Wim de Nooyer, Tom Meert

Design and Layout: EmCorp Studios, Dr C

Distribution: Samizdat Publications

Logistics and Support: Wim Vandeputte (especially for web space), Ade Rixon, Pete French, Ian Grimstead

Just being there: Tina, Diane, Samuel.


Sisters Personnel: Andrew Eldritch, Kenny Garden, Jessica, Ian Robertson, Adam Pearson, Mike Varjak, Jurgen Jansen, Si, Alex, Mark Webber, Dean Pritchard, Gary Weight

Everyone Else: Hannah from Beggars Banquet, Christian Wojtysiak (Head & Star fanzine), Andrius Sytas, Ian Ford, Brian @ Metropolis Records, lex, the UK SOM-following crew, Tony Beck, Chris from JackieOnAssid, everyone who bought the magazines.

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